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Buddha statue

June 6 - The Buddhist "Wheel of Life" (Skt. bhavacakra), often displayed near the entrance of East Asian and Tibetan Buddhist temples, is a symbolic representation of samsara (cyclic existence). In addition to depicting the possible realms of rebirth, it also presents a causal analysis of suffering (dukkha), that which keeps us stuck in samsara, and the way to realize Nirvana. In short, this familiar Buddhist image provides a graphic and imaginative representation of basic Buddhist teachings. This week, Jay Ford, Professor of East Asian Religions at Wake Forest, will present the content of this image, role as a teaching device, and its meaning for contemporary practitioners.

Upcoming schedule:
May 30: Wisdom Circle (moderated by Kris Grapes)
June 6: Jay Ford--Exploring the Buddhist Wheel of Life (Skt. bhavacakra)
June 13: Vann McCoy--Seeking Loving Kindness and Wisdom vis a vis Mitigation of Suffering
June 20: Wendy Farrow--On Buddhist Chanting
June 27: Kris Grapes & Others: Exploring the Heart--A Report on the 5-week IMS program
July 4: NO MEETING (July 4 holiday)

Special Announcements

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Insight Meditation Retreat with Dharma Teacher David Chernikoff
Winston-Salem Dharma Community is hosting a retreat at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center in Stoneville, NC. November 1 - 5, 2023. View the retreat page for the most current information.

-We are continuing in-person meetings at The Shepherd's Center - 1700 Ebert Street, Winston-Salem, NC. When program will be shared on Zoom, link will be provided in the weekly newsletter