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Weekly virtual dharma meetings continue.

The Shepherd's Center continues to suspend all participant activities until further notice.

May 4 - Rituals have been a significant aspect of Buddhist practice since the time of the Buddha. Examples include going for refuge, offering homage to buddhas, bodhisattvas and saints (arhats), making offerings, confession of faults, blessings, dedication of merit, and initiations. Many Western Buddhists, however, tend to see rituals as superficial and even a diversion from the "real" work of practice. This week (May 4) and next (May 11), Jay Ford (Professor of East Asian Religions, WFU) and Ann McCarty will explore the importance of ritual, broadly speaking, and its role in Buddhist practice. We will also reflect on ways to integrate ritual effectively into one's own practice. We hope you can join us!

Upcoming schedule:
May 11: Ann McCarty & Jay Ford--On Buddhist Ritual, Pt. II
May 18: Karen Garrido--Jay Michaelson's Gate of Tears, Pt. III
May 25: Jay Ford--Schools of Buddhism (Theravada)
June 1: Jay Ford--Schools of Buddhism (Mahayana)
June 8: Jay Ford--Schools of Buddhism (Vajrayana)
June 15: Jay Ford--Schools of Buddhism (American Buddhism)

Special Announcements

-Virtual Dharma Meeting- Zoom is the video conferencing program that we will be using to host our weekly virtual meeting.

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*Zoom application must be installed on computer or mobile device but account signup is not required.
*Virtual meeting requires a password which is delivered in the weekly newsletter.
*All participants will be muted during the silent 30 minute meditation.
*After the silent 30 minute meditation participants will use the "raise hand" feature to speak during the meeting.

Resources for Buddhist Perspectives on Racism: As you might imagine, Buddhist teachers and those on a Buddhist path have offered their own perspectives on racism and racial inequities that have for too long been ignored or overlooked in our society. We will be posting on our website resources for those who might be interested in reading these perspectives. Here are a few examples:
-10 Things White People Can do to Work for Racial Injustice. By Oren Jay Sofer. Sofer teaches mindfulness, meditation and Nonviolent Communication in both secular and Buddhist contexts. He is a long-time student of Joseph Goldstein, Michele McDonald, and Ajahn Sucitto, and a graduate of the IMS-Spirit Rock Vipasanna Teacher Training, and current member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council.
-Tricycle: Buddha Buzz Weekly: Buddhists Saying Black Lives Matter
-Statement on Racism from Buddhist Teachers & Leaders in the United States (2015)
-Adeana McNicholl. "Being Buddha, Staying Woke: Racial Formation in Black Buddhist Writing" (academic article in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion). 2018.

-Live Online Dharma- Until gathering restrictions are lifted several communities have taken their meetings online. Click on the websites below to find a meeting that fits your routine.

*Barre Center for Buddhist Studies daily from 10:30-11:15 EDT

*Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community every Monday 6:30pm PDT and Thursday 5:30pm PDT

*Jack Kornfield every Monday night

*David Chernikoff daily 8:00am MDT and every Tuesday 7pm MDT

*Winston-Salem Community of Mindful Living every Tuesday and Thursday 7-7:40am EDT and Thursday evening 6-7pm

*Insight Meditation Center of Pioneer Valley every Wednesday 7:00pm EDT - 8:30pm EDT

*Insight Meditation Center of Redwood City Weekdays with Gil Fronsdal 7:00am PDT. Sunday 9:25am PDT. Monday evening sit 7:30pm PDT. Wednesday morning sit 11:00am PDT.

*Demo Rinpoche Special teachings for the Coronavirus, every Thursday 7pm - 8pm.

*Won Buddhism Meditation Temple weekends 10 am EDT live streaming, additional daily virtual gatherings available for registration.

*Deep River Sangha every Sunday from 4-5:30pm EDT and Wednesday from 7-8:30pm. First time visitors can request permission to attend a Zoom practice by sending an email to

*Upaya Institute and Zen Center UPAYA ELECTION SERIES: Joyful Defiance in the Call to Courageous Action

-Recommended Dharma offerings for troubling times.

*Thay's Poetry- Please Call Me by My True Names (song & poem)

*Self retreat- Creating a Home Retreat: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are by Jack Kornfield.

*Guided Meditation- for Times of Pandemic: "Calling on Your Awakened Heart" by Tara Brach.

*Practicing in a Pandemic article from Tricycle. Six new teachings on how to find compassion and equanimity in a time of great uncertainty.

*Take One Breath with Sharon Salzberg. Sharon leads a brief meditation to help cultivate a sense of protection wherever you are.

*IMS online and On Demand, live streams and recorded teachings

*Teachings on the Nature of Mind and Practice - article from Tricycle Magazine.