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Winston-Salem Dharma Community

Buddha statue

We are now meeting in person at the Shepherd's Center.
For those unable to attend, see the Zoom link in the weekly newsletter.

May 17 - This week, Amanda Espinoza will launch a new series that we're calling the "New Teacher Series." It introduces Sangha members to new, perhaps less well-known Dharma teachers from around the country. Amanda's first new instructor is Tamara Levitt ( Following our usual 30-minute sit and walking meditation, Amanda will provide a brief introduction to Tamara followed by a prerecorded talk and guided meditation led by Tamara. The links to each will be posted in the Zoom chat during our program for our remote participants who may have a hard time hearing the physical presentation. Teacher suggestions for this series may be offered on our website contact us form at

Upcoming schedule:
May 24: Marc Farrow--Mindfulness and Nature
May 31: Ann McCarty--WISDOM CIRCLE

Special Announcements

-We have returned to in-person meetings (as of April 12) at the Shepherd's Center - 1700 Ebert Street, Winston-Salem, NC. Online via Zoom is still available, link is provided in the weekly newsletter

-Insight Meditation Retreat with Dharma teacher David Chernikoff - our retreat is on schedule for October 26th through October 30th, 2022. Registration is now open.